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The Latest Word of God: an interpretation.....

In Lynn's latest letter to her fans, she reminded us that starting Monday, we return to when the Core Four were the center of attention. The extensive cast of secondary characters she built up over the years will, in the new order of things, cease to matter. This means that a lot of the questions that we have about the lives behind the lines will remain unanswered and unanswerable. It, for instance, no longer matters what Therese Arsenault did to ensure that Liz Patterson hated her so much, she just had to show her up at her own wedding. Since Liz was allowed to defeat her rival, the means aren't important. Lynn's attempt to be nice about saying that her word is law muddies the waters just that much the more. By saying that we're allowed to make up our own minds about what really went on (with the understanding that we'd be wrong unless our we happened to agree wit her), she's just invalidated her and Beth's efforts to clarify matters. We're allowed to make wild guesses about people who no longer really matter now. Not even finishing the bios would help because the people she and Beth talk about aren't important anymore. This tells me that she'll soon give up even trying to do that. I also wouldn't expect Coffee Talk to last too much longer either. She'll have bigger worries than people who want to see Liz have Antbony's baby; watching paper after paper drop the strip will push that concern out of her head.
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