dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Thoughts on the strip of destiny......

One of the most glaringly annoying things about the future Lynn allots her characters is that, except for Iris and Francoise, everyone gets a happy ending. It seems clear to me that after the last drop has been wrung out of Jim and he's finally allowed to die, Iris will follow him into the grave shortly after Elly repeats his revoltingly silly joke about how cremation allowed him to be in two places in once. What's more, her passing will go relatively unnoticed. This makes her death like Francoise's life. Lynn revealed one of her biases when she said that James was Anthony and Liz's first child. This makes it clear that she'll be somewhere below Mira on the Foob chain, being the evil career woman's child and all. Of course, the news that Deanna decided to throw a lucrative career as a pharmacist away to open her ludicrous archaism sewing school can be taken as a good sign that it's not all good. The way I look at it, her validating every stupid thing Mikerobe will do will cause her to go quietly insane. Besides, as Pattersons, they don't have the decency to appreciate what they have and will still whine about being sooooo poor and life being soooooo haaaarrrrrd despite farting through high cotton.
Tags: lynn: failed creator, the shape of foobs to come

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