dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Alternative to New-Runs.....

It's too bad that Lynn has isolated herself from the world; otherwise she would have found a solution to the problem of wanting to tell us more about the Pattersons despite not being able to put herself in the shoes of a young married couple any longer. You see, she, unlike Allison Barrows (creator of PreTeena), probably views graphic novels as those silly collections of Spider-Man comics the crazy kids buy nowadays. Her younger competitor is sufficiently in touch with the market to realize that she can reach more people by the new format than she ever could through the paper so Teena, Jeri and the ineffable Stick will live on for years to come. As I said before, Lynn could easily put out a collection every so often that tells one of the background stories she didn't properly budget the time to tell. That way, her fans would get her fix, she'd get paid the same and she wouldn't have to worry about deadlines.
Tags: lynn: failed creator

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