dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The new-runs are the hybrid are the new-runs

AS Lynn said in her many interviews on the subject, her plan was to interweave new-run material with actual old strips in order to add depth to the story. To that extent, she's still creating a hybrid strip but without the jumps in time that confused her readers. That isn't the only way that hybridization comes into play, though. The new-run artwork is, despite her honest belief otherwise, not a return to her old style but her modern-day self's attempt to imitate it. The love of silhouettes she recently developed didn't factor into the real classic material so its appearance last week means that she's sort of merged her old and new techniques into an unsatisfying mixture of the two. We also see that Young Elly is acting like her 2008 self in that she won't express doubt. This means her personality has hybridized too.
Tags: the dreaded hybrid, the reload

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