dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Retcomning RetConnie's romances and Annie's perfection

It seems obvious that Lynn believes that the first three years of the strip detail the events of a single year. Now that we've gone from it being a specific year (1981, for instance), we can refer to it as 1 After Reset. This means that she can erase most of the strips from the dot-eyed era that don't meet her present day needs. Given that Annie has been transformed from the confident exponent of domesticity she started out as into a frustrated, RetConnie-envying mess, any strips that show her original self making Elly feel inadequate will accompany Pete Landry in the Dustbin of Foob History. As howtheduck said, they'll be kept company by another piece of history that Lynn has grown dissatisfied with: Connie's relationships with Phil and Doctor Ted. Since her new history clearly will indicate that she didn't date again after Pablo until she moved to Thunder Bay and met GregPrime, any strips that show her interacting with either man will simply have to go. Any future reference to either man will most likely have them not really know who she is. This way, she can save a lot of time getting to 2 AR and telling us why EEEEEEEEEEvil Mira separated MikeClone and DeannaX.
Tags: anne achronism, connie: the real lynn, the reload

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