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The real cost of the new-runs: inferior story-telling....

As you may already know, aprilp_katje and howtheduck have received confirmation from Lynn herself that she doesn't actually care about the timeline of the old strip. This indirect admission that she doesn't actually worry what happened when as long as she gets the point she wants to make across confirms my personal belief that she regards the first twenty-nine years of her strip as a first draft. If someone were to point out that Anne Nichols didn't envy Connie Poirier in the least would be met with a similar indirect admission of apathy; since she needs AnneAchronism to envy RetConnie, we'll be told that it only looked as if Granola Lady looked down her nose at the Supposed Swinger back in the day when in fact her envy was hidden most of the time. This Ultimate Foob concept she now has would be a lot more bearable if she hadn't resorted to using the same bag of story-telling tricks she used during the Declining Years. Instead, she uses horrible puns, God-awful thought-bubbled wordplay and unrealistic behavior from the "children" in the strip. When you contrast the poignant "I would have told the lady all the things I can do but she never asked me" of the Real Early Years and Elly's sympathetic reaction to RevElly's being gobsmacked by MikeClone blowing a raspberry at the Baby-talk Lady, you realize that Lynn's talent has declined. Perhaps if she were to have realized that people would like to see Elly grow old after all the strip wouldn't have become the mess it had.
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