dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The dictatorship of boredom: Lynn's dull dystopia.......

When I first heard about the new-run concept a few months ago, I had thought that Lynn would have re-read enough of the original material to be able to seamlessly blend new material with old. It truns out I was far too optimistic. She thinks that the best part of the reload is that she no longer has to do any research at all so anything goes now. She might think that she's gone back to her roots and created another winner but I'm not as sanguine. From what I've seen, she's running on fumes and won't admit it. Despite her belief otherwise, she has not reverted to her original style of artwork. Sure, we have the dot eyes and double eyebrows of that era but we also have silhouettes walking through a featureless void like we do in the 2000s. This is, of course, because she's trying and failing to imitate her old style. I've already mentioned that those characters that have not become amalgams of their past and present-day selves have had their histories and personalities altered to suit Lynn's needs, the inferior quality of the story telling in general and that the kid strips fail because she doesn't understand children any more. The end result is that Lynn has given birth to a boring failure. A few short months ago, we asked ourselves how bad the Settlepocalypse would be; now, we are faced with wondering how bland Zombie Foob can get until her furry meal-ticket arrives. At least she can still write pet strips without boring people.
Tags: lynn: failed creator, the reload

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