dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

RevElly versus dogs: an inquiry.....

As you know, the chief obstacle standing in the way of the Pattersons getting a dog in either version of history is Elly. In the original version, her reason was simple: John and the children were using pet ownership as a means of oppressing her and limiting her freedoms. This is because she had an axe to grind and perhaps bury in Rod's back. With the need to pillory him having taken on a different form, it seems clear that RevElly needs a different motive to bar the gates against wonder-dogs. She could, as RetJohn suggests, simply want to limit her number of chores. Just as he pitched the TTH to April as being a great idea because he feared that Elly is juggling too many housework chainsaws, his reload self could honestly believe that his wife needs as much help as she can get. This is not the only good reason to not have a pet; Lynn could take the opportunity to silence those who emphasize the need to make the Pattermanse more survivable for small children by having RevElly worry that a pet might do something regrettable to NeoLizic. She could even have the woman talk about how bad she felt when her own beloved pet died and simply wanting to spare her children heartache. The possibilities are endless.
Tags: farley: the origin, the reload

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