dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Sunday, cruddy Sunday: the new-runs

Lynn has made it clear that most of the Sunday strips in the first year of the new-run format will be new material. To a typical member of Kool-Aid Nation, this means that they can get a fresh perspective on the Early Years of their beloved Pattersons. To someone like me that realizses that Lynn is in the process of rewriting and thus improving history it's obvious that two purposes are being served by all these inferior copies of her original style of artwork and storytelling. The first is to address complaints that people make about the characters. To those people who complain that Mike treated Lizzie like dirt, she gives us stuff that has MikeClone and NeoLizic getting along more or less peacefully. People who say that Elly has no social life see RevElly as being the head of a group of disparate housewives as if that proved anything about the old strip. The second and more important task is to get revenge on Rod. Whether it's making him look like a lousy dentist or making his former avatar a better husband and dad than he was, he's going to get a scraping every blasted time.
Tags: lynn vs rod, the reload

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