dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Art on autopilot: the new-runs

This month seems the most crucial for the acceptance of the new format of the strip. This is because, as promised, we're to be shown new-run material alternating with genuine reruns. It seems to me that Lynn could run into problems due to the different artistic styles of the two. The change couldn't be more obvious so people will definitely notice. The new-runs can be safely described by the adjective 'lifeless' as they lack the charm of the originals on which they were based. Lynn may not have been as polished an artist but you could tell she wasn't just going through the motions back then. That's more than you can say now, though. It's as if she's letting a carefully-wired robot do the art for her. It seems to me that even the most blindly loyal fan might start to ask him or herself some questions about whether Lynn should be allowed to continue if he or she notices the change.

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