dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The happiness deficit of Elly Patterson.....

As you know, Lynn had carefully edited the hybrid strips we saw in the strip's last year so as to make it look as if being subjected to John's chauvinistic behavior and her children's entitlement had destroyed Elly's ability to enjoy life. The former free spirit had been supposedly ground down into a dreary, burnt-out mess who viewed the world as one big joyless chore. You never had to wait very long to see her mean about how they wouldn't be grateful for the sacrifices they forced on her until they were interring her urn. This, of course, was her way of taking a swipe at her family. The only problem is that she uses framing strips in the new-runs that subvert that thesis. Instead of having John bitch about how his mother cleaned his dad's house to a shine, we have RetJohn wondering if his wife has OCD. The reason is simple: the old strips prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Elly was always a killjoy. Despite her protestations otherwise, she didn't want a job to be free of her kids; she wanted to have no free time at all and having a job would guarantee that she'd be free of the evil of leisure forever. What's more, no one else could give in to the feeling in their limbs that made them want to enjoy life either. Since she never had it but knows of its existence, she must destroy it.
Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, the reload

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