dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Death and the Ellys

One of the things you couldn't help but notice in the early days of the strip was that Elly didn't react at all well to any reminder of John's death. As a young mother, the prospect of having to start over made her, at best, uncomfortable. This is why she wanted John to shut the hell up about insurance and wills. What seemed to him to be a practicality that had to be discussed was to her a reminder of something she didn't want to have to be reminded of; losing the only man she ever loved. If we were to read straight reprints, we'd be left with this premise. Too bad that Lynn has to insert strips that "explain" what "really" happened. She can't quite put herself in Young Elly's shoes any more. Even if Rod hadn't strayed, she still couldn't believe that a young woman like Cute Elly would be all that uncomfortable having to think about things like her husband's mutilation, illness or death. We're probably in for strips that tell us that RevElly wants to get a job because she knows that RetJohn might not be able to bring home the bacon and she'd rather be safe than sorry. Her proud boast: "I got your insurance right here, pal!"
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