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Parents and children in the Foobiverse: Those who deserve their fate and those who do not

As you know, John is pretty much the cause of of half the chaos we saw in the Patterson household. His fear that he would lose the control he thought he deserved led him to undercut Elly every chance he got. By the time he relented, it was pretty much too late for Elly to be anything other than the Flapandhonk of myth and legend. The woman who was once worried that she'd be nothing more than the cleaner of Pattermanses and tender of children became the idiotic meddler that made sure that Liz didn't get a better husband than she did. I'd feel sorry for Elly if she didn't secretly want to be treated like garbage. It's not the norm but there are actually people out there in this world who are at the happiest when they're miserable. Elly, sadly, is one of them. Her need to have something to feel bad about so that she can feel important help ensure that the life of the Pattersons was a mess. We also know that being used as pawns in their parents' war on each other distorted the development of their children; if, for instance, John hadn't corrupted Mike and made him think that real men were insensitive colds, we wouldn't have to had to endure his shouting for Deanna to take the annoying, horrible, half-humans away every time he started breathing his air nor would we have had to deal with the name Lizardbreath. This is because Elly would have been able to enforce the harmony she wanted. As for Liz, she wouldn't have learned that not trying to do things is a good thing if she weren't the daughter of a passive lump whose only means of rebellion was making threats she has no intention of carrying out. Why this bothers me is that Lynn has given us another set of Pattersons walking in the footsteps of the family that just celebrated Liz's marriage to a douchebag. We have the two nasty people with the same mental problems as the real John and Elly in a poisonous marriage, two innocent children to mold in distorted images and the same woman who thinks all this horror is a great and glorious thing. We're in for an waful few months until the syndicate pulls the plug; watching a repetition of something that was horrible the first tine is not going to be pretty.
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