dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly as pet-owner: the legend in her own mind.....

As we all know, Elly tends to gloss over her many failings as a parent. We spent most of April pointing out how tough, responsible, practical, reliable, loving and forgiving she wasn't and isn't. The same woman who wasted her life filled with resentment at being cast in the role of wife and mother when she falsely thought she was capable of contributing more (and proving it by being a complete wash-out as both employee and employer) while boasting about her mad parenting skills also pretty much wrecked Farley as a pet because she was too filled with needless bitterness to train him properly. Too bad that she's convinced she was as great a pet-owner as she was a mother. I'm not sure whether it was before or after the Ravine of Death but Liz had to remind her how hard a time she had dealing with the shaggy dunce. Too bad it didn't take. Elly will go to her grave thinking that she was a better pet owner than she was.
Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self

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