dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Connie versus Farley: a mystery....

One of the most baffling parts of the Farley adoption saga is Connie's reaction. She said that the whole thing was psychological warfare and that John got a dog to chain her to the home so as to curb her need for freedom and self-expression. We know that John liked to undermine Elly and was dismissive, to say the least, of her ambitions for any career other than homemaker but not every single thing the man did was in furtherance of his agenda. He simply believed the hype about how pets are supposed to teach kids responsibility and thought it was high time that Mike had one is all. Sure, Elly was dead set against the idea but he probably ascribed it to her never having had a dog growing up. Once she saw what her mother made her miss out on, she'd wonder why she was angry. His motives for bringing Farley into the family were pretty much a bungling attempt to do everyone a good turn. Why then Connie's misplaced hostility to the idea. If she'd said that John and Mike aren't going to be the ones cleaning up after him then Elly might halfway agree because that's what bothers her the most about pets. She likes animals as long as she doesn't have to pick up their poop, If I had to guess why Connie said the redundant thing she said, I'd have to say that she thought that Elly settled when she married John and would have done anything to make her see the light.
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