dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Three hearts in the happy grifting machine: Mike's part in the adoption of Farley.

It seems to me that Mrs Baird and John had an unwitting accomplice in their thwarting of Elly: Mike. As we all know, he was there in the room at the time when the "I'd-HATE-to-put-him-down" speech was delivered. Elly felt bad enough when she heard the mostly manufactured tale of woe; knowing that Mike was there made things worse for her. If she'd said anything other than "YES" to the dog, she knew her son would think of her as a cold-blooded, stubborn monster who'd rather let an innocent, helpless, blah-blah-blah puppy die so she can get her own way. Her need to save a puppy from 'certain' death and her need to have her son think well of her thus defeated her need to be in control. The result was a rare triumph for the other characters. Individually, they weren't strong enough to storm her mental defenses and prevail over the Tower of Refusal; they generally had to team up to get to Yes. This explains the overkill without especially forgiving it. After all, their indirectly exploiting Mike was as bad as their directly manipulating her.
Tags: farley: the origin, mikerobe: the universal infant

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