dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Retconning Psychological Warfare......

Both howtheduck and I had orginally thought that Lynn would somehow make Connie's baffling comments about psychological warfare even less grounded in reality. As he and qnjones pointed out, pet ownership wasn't a big concern of the feminist movement at that or any other time. We thus had Connie trying to say that the patriarchy ordered John to get a dog to keep a sister down; this, of course, was the result of Lynn, hardly a fan of what she still thinks of as Women's Lib, trying to position Connie as a radical feminist. With the clarity only hindsight provides, it seems obvious now that the intention of the diatribe has to be changed. Since RetConnie not-so-secretly envies RevElly her lifestyle and probably thinks she could do a better job of being Mrs Doctor Patterson, there can be no mention of RetJohn when it comes time to question RevElly's sanity; he is irrelevant to the discussion. What must be questioned is RevElly's need to add work to an already busy schedule. RetConnie doesn't know that RevElly has all that extra time to fill so she can't see that Fauxley is the sovereign cure for idleness. All that remains now is to add in a new-run that has them explaining the dog's name.
Tags: connie: the real lynn, the reload

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