dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The disappearance of adult concerns in Retconland....

One of the oddest things that howtheduck noticed about the New-run era is the absence of any adult concern that isn't designed to make Rod look bad; unless John is made to play the fool, Lynn seems not to want to talk about it. This means that instead of having Elly struggle with night school or Connie trying to find the right man to be Lawrence's stepdad, we're going to spend the next year watching Elly react to the antics of her kids and their dog. This is because Lynn knows that's what Kool-Aid Nation wants to see. They don't care a bit for the lives of the parents and their friends; what they want to see is cute strips about wacky kids and dogs they can tape to their fridges. Sadly, their desire to focus on the concerns of the juvenile means that they miss out on the most important part of the story: Elly's struggle to find meaning in her life. The first twenty-nine years of the strip were, as we all know, dedicated to her trying to make sure she made an impact on the world. If history is to really repeat itself, we should be told and shown this.
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