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The new fborfw.com

When the strip made the transition to the new-run format, Lynn said that sooner or later the website would change to reflect that we were stuck revisiting the past. On 13 November 2008, that promise was fulfilled; the site now describes the Pattersons as if they were the family we saw in the first few years of the strip. The fun thing is that Lynn says things that are unintentionally hilarious; John, you see, is said to intend one day to take up model railroading. Her habit of dropping spoilers like that is almost as funny as how the character descriptions she gives in the bios describe someone who might as well be the Mirror Universe version of the person we actually see in the strip. It's as if we were given a fortune cookie that says "You'll be done with dinner soon." Another curious things is that the characters who have yet to appear have joined the minor characters and the features about certain arbitrary milestones in a cybernetic purgatory called the Classic Strip section. It's like a coming attractions section for things that came and went. All in all, this is sort of how not to update a webpage.
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