dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Tedium Factor

John isn't the only character who's suffered because his interests clashed with Elly's; Mike and Lizzie were also made to look worse than they could be because their needs clashed with Falpandhonk''s desire to have things all her own way. Mike, for instance, was an ordinary kid with the ordinary desire to run, jump, play and talk; Elly's bizarre need to destroy the feeling in his limbs that told him it was good to be alive turned him to a noisy, demanding nuisance that somehow kept her from having a second child in the order she wanted. Fortunately for her, she was able to turn him into a sullen lump who sat around dulling his mind in front of the television. Her other success was Lizzie; by witlessly allowing John to help pit the children against each other, she was able to implant in the child's mind the impulse to cling to a parental figure for safety. This stood her in good stead when she wanted to make sure that she had grandchildren that had her mitochrondrial DNA. Sure, she had the rare moment of lucidity where she realized that she wasted her life being pointlessly upset but the need to whine about trivia soon got her back to the path on being a self-righteous boob. Thank goodness we have the new-runs so we can see more examples of her begrudging the children their youth.
Tags: child rearing disasters, the reload

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