dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Two kinds of money, one kind of Flapandhonk....

As you know, it's sort of useless to discuss any sort of financial planning with Elly. You will no doubt recall the strip wherein John tried to remind her that they needed to think about insurance because of the possibility that he could be injured or killed and thus be unable to provide for their needs. Her response was to burst into tears because of her perception that he was trying to scare her. This is consistent with her behavior when he went missing a few years later: she reassured the children by announcing her clever plan to waste away and die of grief if he turned up dead because she'd have nothing to live for if he were gone. Simply put, she cannot deal with hardship thus cannot plan ahead. John, on the other hand, might not be as stupid or useless. He might, you see, have taken steps to provide for his family after he rang down the curtain and joined the choir invisible by dabbling in the stock market. The annuity he would been forced to accumulate in secret so as to avoid having his decorative nitwit wife whine in terror because it reminded her that he was neither immortal or indestructible would be an umbrella he'd bought against a rainy day. He'd start to think of it as "his" money he was accumulating to give his family after he passed on; it would be thus different from "their" money: the earnings from his dental practice. Every so often the dividends might allow him to splurge and buy something like a stereo and new washing machine as a bonus without really affecting the regular budget. The woman whose frivolous lifestyle he was thus able to support no problem because of his foresight would, of course, ask pointed questions about his spending habits. He'd, of course, allude to the pile of chips the cash for the new sound system came from only to be yelled at. He'd quckly realize that he can't say things like "my" money in front of the shouting bully he'd married because of a need to not tell her about his investment portfolio: she'd want to raid it so she could blow it all on cleaning supplies and sheets that pill up after two or three washings. He'd thus have the choice of taking the offending item back or bribing her with a shiny toy to distract her from figuring out what he meant by saying "my" money in the first place.
Tags: elly: lynn's fantasy self, failure is the only option, money matters in foobistan

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