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Hick talk and kidspeak:.....

One of the most annoying phenomena in the strip is Lynn's habit of going out of her way to tell us how poor the grammar of working stiffs and children under eighteen is. Panel after endless panel is loaded with "an'"s, "gotta"s, "y'know"s, not to mention ham-fisted attempts at a phonetic pronunciation of words that Lynn thinks are being mispronounced. The prime example of that is "stoopid"; she doesn't want to admit that her fellow Canadians join their American brethren in dropping the yod in words like 'stupid' and 'news'. She thinks that we should follow the British example (the one she had it beat into her as being the only proper one) and put a ghost of a "y" sound between the consonant and vowel (thus yielding 'styupid' and 'nyews'). This is because she's a bit of a snob; her prejudices make her think that working-class people can't help but speak terrible English and children are too lazy to speak how they know they're supposed to.
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