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John: Father of Pattersnarfing......

It isn't just Elly's bizarre way of thinking of food that helped instill wretched eating habits in her family. Her husband was also preprogrammed with the archaic notion that sensible portions of less fatty foods is a form of punishment. This sort of thinking persisted during the run of the strip; an example thereof is his referring to his intention of swallowing down a candy called "Goo-Balls" as a reward for eating a sensible meal. Not only did he think of pile-high helpings of greasy food as part of the good life, he had no imagination when it came to what he shoved down his throat. He meant it when he said he could happily eat the same damned thing for dinner night after endless night. The inflexibility of mind required to have that great a love of the predictable tells me that he's not right in the head. Since he's a lunatic sick with OCD and possibly paranoia, his family grew up to live to eat and not eat to live.
Tags: john - grinning weirdo

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