dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Children-as-barnacle and outstreched palms: annoying visual shorthand

As I mentioned earlier, Lynn seems to love to have small children cling to their mothers out of fear of their surroundings. Not only is this irritating because it shows us child-as-panicky-whiny-baby, it also allows Lynn to harp on the theme of child-as-burden-to-his-or-her-mother. That's because the mother that's so encumbered doesn't look too happy and seems to not want to sympathize with the kid's fears; she just looks pathetic and downtrodden. It's almost as annoying as Lynn's almost constant need to show us that she can draw the rarely-seen-in-real-life both-palms-out gesture. The reason that's so damned annoying is that it's verbal shorthand either for a person who doesn't what's going on most of the time being shocked by the common-place or a preachy idiot trying to hammer someone over the head with the obvious. Granted, it's an appropriate gesture for a Patterson to have but it's just irritating to see.
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