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The adhesion factor explained.....

As anyone with a basic understanding of human psychology will tell you, children only get as clingy as they do in Fooberville when they're afraid of something or someone. It's not hard to see what fear motivates the Patterson children: the fear that their mothers will abandon them when they need them the most. It seems to me that when Lynn described Baby Michael as being too demanding, that meant that Elly had to "waste her precious time" reassuring him that she wouldn't abandon him to cry his heart out when the lights went out. That's because that's how it played out with Deanna and Meredith. Always and ever, the delusion that a one-year-old somehow understood he or she was knew she was supposed to be asleep because it was convenient for Mommy came into play. Another tried-and-tested way to fail was the idiot mother resolving not to make that "mistake" again. Thus, we have Lizzie growing up feeling unloved, always worried that she'd be abandoned, never secure in her own skin, afraid that Mike's hateful remarks that she was an unwanted burden were true and never feeling that she belonged anywhere all so Elly could pretend that she was being firm and setting boundaries.
Tags: child rearing disasters, elly: lynn's fantasy self

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