dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

RePhil, RetConnie and Ted-ious: three hearts in the crappy ending machine.

It seems to me that Lynn does actually plan on expanding the story arc wherein we see Connie try to build a relationship on the shifting sand of Phil's fear of commitment. This was the point when she stopped being the shrill idiot who hated the life Elly lead so much she spouted balderdash about psychological warfare when a less strident person would realize that a puppy was sometimes just a puppy and became the needy, lonely woman who just wanted a good man to be there for her and be a father for her son to make her life complete. She wanted it to be Phil and then she wanted it to be Ted but neither person would stay in a relationship long enough to satisfy her needs. Elly warned her both relationships were doomed but she wound up disappointed anyway; she even had to leave town to find a good man because there weren't any in Milboring. The originals were a bit difficult to read because Lynn still had issues from her own days as a single parent and it showed. No that she's on her own again, the inserted material will try and fail to match to the original Connie's "Why can't I have the life Elly has" mindset and instead have RetConnie turn into what I believe they call a Love Freak. The New-Run Phil will, of course, transmute into a commitment fearing loon like Eric Chamberlain and the updated Ted into a rat-bastard amalgam of Warren "Unfrozen Caveman Pilot" Blackwood and Paul "Made out of snow" Wright.
Tags: connie: the real lynn, phil: bee and bop king, ted: playah dood, the reload

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