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RePhil: the setup......

Now that Phil is about to make the scene in Retconville, it's obvious that his character is going to be altered to fit Lynn's present day needs. The question that faces us is how he will be altered and for what reason. In the original version, he was simply a guy who found Connie pleasant enough company but was sort of overwhelmed by her desire to deepen their acquaintance into a marriage. The prospect of being domesticated kinda rattled him; it was only until he met Georgia Richardson that he was ready to settle down. What really seemed to throw him was the fear that he wouldn't be all that good a father. Fortunately for him, Lynn made sure that wasn't in the cards. It would seem to me that she'd probably build on Phil's fear of fatherhood as her means of pointing out that Connie and he weren't fated to be together. We can thus look forward to strips that show him being creeped out by Lawrence's presence.
Tags: phil: bee and bop king, the reload

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