dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Music in Retconland......

I remember that Elly always used to be sort of disappointed that Mike and Liz never made music part of their day to day lives. Like John, she didn't want them to make the habit out of it that April did but she always seemed to think that knowing how to play an instrument well was a great way to show off at social gatherings. The reason they never picked up the nifty parlor trick of their parents' desire was that they really didn't have the discipline necessary to stick with it. They got bored and frustrated so they gave up far too easily. The desire to quit something at which they didn't immediately excel is genetic; part of the reason that Elly lost interest in getting her B.A. was that coursework at the University level was too much for her. The end result was a child yelling that practicing was BORING!!!! and he or she HATED IT!!!! Given that Lynn's opinion of music-for-its-own-sake hasn't changed, we're likely to see strips in which they themselves point out that the life of a musician is for the birds; they too must ask RePhil when he'll grow up and get a real job.
Tags: phil: bee and bop king, the reload

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