dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lawrence the Invisible.....

It seems to me that Connie may be said to represent not only the career woman to Annie's supermom, she also used to 'be' Lynn as a single parent before Anthony was. As we all know, Lynn had a lot of bad memories of that period in her life. Not only had she been humiliated, she was stuck with a son she didn't know how to raise. Based on Rod's reported declaration that he was willing to tolerate Aaron and rumors that he didn't get along with his stepson, it seems to me that the poor child was seen as an obstruction to his mother's ability to find a man. This more or less is the story of Lawrence's life; both Phil and Ted were both scared away by his presence so he was encouraged to keep a low profile. The same dynamic came into play about twenty-five years later as Francoise was unsubtly reminded that Daddy's need to have Elizabeth around was far more important than how a three-year-old thought about a decision that would affect her. IN both instances, the real fears and anxieties of a child who had a legitimate fear he or she would be abandoned and forgotten were ignored by a parent who put the need to chase after mates ahead of an innocent.
Tags: blandthony, child rearing disasters, connie: the real lynn, francoise, lawrence: cosmic plaything

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