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RetJohn versus health food........

One of the more annoying tendencies in the early years of the strip was John's behaving as if changing the way he did things was a torment too horrible to bear. There was, for instance, a sequence in which he told Elly that there was little point to her suggestion that he not wear ugly clothes that made him look foolish; why should he make her happy while making himself miserable? He was and is so afraid of change, he can't possibly admit that he might like not dressing like a clown. This, of course, means that any meal that isn't the greasy slop he seems to love is immediately bad. It doesn't matter that it might taste as good and be better for him. It's not what he's used to so he can't let Elly 'get away' with making him or the kids eat it; he's got to back his children when they baulk instead of being a decent guy and siding his wife,
Tags: john - grinning weirdo

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