dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Music depreciation in the Patterson household......

As you know, Liz and Mike aren't especially musically inclined despite Elly's stated wish that they were. Neither one of them stuck to their music lessons and their tastes in music are best described as woeful. Liz loves the most atonal rap music available and Mike hates Elvis because he believes it to be an injustice that a has-been his parents loved is still making the charts when fine musical groups with names like Cosmic Groin Pull and Mess Kit Germ Colony are tragically ignored by the mainstream media. It isn't just John's passive-aggressive disdain for music that we can blame for this. Elly is also at fault; since she tried to get them interested in music the same way she introduced them to a diet that isn't filled with lard and starch, they grew up regarding her kind of music to be as unpalatable as a bowl full of iceberg lettuce.
Tags: child rearing disasters, one big oblivious family, pattersons versus music

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