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Lynn's college of musical knowledge

It should come as no great shock that someone of Lynn's background and inclinations has a very limited idea of what constitutes good music. Over the years, we've only seen two genres be deemed worthy of respect by the Pattersons and their lackeys: country music and bland pop with mindlessly upbeat lyrics. It would seem that Lynn is so happy that she can understand the lyrics to a country song, she ignores the content based on the theory that if she doesn't understand something, it must be bad. The problem with that is that while a lot of your more modern music is pretty much analogous to the threat displays and mating lures we see on Animal Planet, the greatest country songs are about how much failed relationships hurt. They don't call them hurtin' songs because they're upbeat or escapist, after all. It probably helps her feel a bit better to think that things could be a lot worse so we can probably let that pass. What we should not let pass is her fear of everything else in the musical world; her seeming terror that the sappy drivel that allows her to plug in, sack out and stop thinking has been chased off the dial by something with a bass line and lyrics that aren't made of candy floss is another reminder of how willfully out-of-touch she is.

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