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Reactionary Girl Connie Poirier

One thing that you can count on in the strip is that Lynn confidently promotes values that were actively being questioned when she (or her parents, for that matter) were young. This is why we had to deal with an extended arc about how silly it was to stint yourself and eat unfamiliar foods and it's why we had and will continue to be subjected to Connie humiliating herself in the desperate pursuit of a man (or should that be "MAAAAAAYYYYYYUUUUNNNNNN"?) to make her life complete. Sure, she might tell a dimwit like Elly that she's fine without a husband but her need to pursue love in several wrong places, appalling alacrity to reinvent herself to suit whatever unsuitable jerk she's got her eyes set on and refusal to care what the children of a suitor think (their opinions being irrelevant at best and something to be violently suppressed at worst) reveal how big alie her "take charge, get it done" posturing is. Not that Elly or Annie are smart enough to see past her defense mechanisms; they fall for the lies and ignore how big a fool Connie is willing to make herself. The thing is that this notion of the lonely spinster wanting to sacrifice her dignity on the altar of matrimony was actively being questioned when Lynn was in diapers. To see it in the 1980s is a reminder that Lynn was a bit behind the times; to see it repeat with Lizardbreath in the here and now is revolting.
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