dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Phil the destructive, Alan the infuriated.....

So far, Phil has been depicted as a rather destructive and disruptive character. His first move was to cook a pizza and thus defeat Elly by derailing her plan to save the family from greasy food. He next played his bee-bops and blue music through Sesame Street, made a tasteless remark about blond nubiles and went on to rebuff Connie's attempts to get a man for herself. Furthermore, he and Elly are usually depicted as fighting like scorpions in future encounters. It's the fact that their sibling rivalry is laughed off as a normal part of life instead of being viewed as the symptom of profound mutual resentment it is that gives us a clue of how Lynn sees the world. She seems to have deep feelings of suppressed hostility for her brother Alan which leak through into the strip. What seems to have happened is that he'd do something that he thought she approved of only to find later on through a Phil-the-jerkass strip that she didn't. aprilp_katje had read an entry from one of the man's students that he, like the Johnston family, didn't especially like how he was depicted in the strip; it seemed unfair that every little thing that he did was fodder for a martyrdom joke at his expense. This is probably why his character faded in importance over the years; he insisted that his life not be made into a source of humor.
Tags: lynn: failed creator, phil: bee and bop king

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