dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The maturity deficit of John Patterson......

One of the first Christmas Day strips shows John playing with one of Mike's presents; the payoff was that Mike thought that Santa left said Hot Wheels setup for Daddy or something. This was the first example of an annoying tendency: John's need to play with cool toys before the child they were meant for gets to them. This seems harmless enough at first blush but when you dig a bit deeper, you start to realize that in a lot of ways, John hasn't quite grown up yet. He, for instance, didn't think that Space Babes were cool enough for Elly to kill herself to get (meaning, of course, if Lizzie had wanted something he liked, he'd have joined Elly in the crusade to get his child something she actually wanted) nor does he have the adult ability to understand that when his duty to his family and his hobbies collide, the latter must give way. The Housening, which was predicated on his need to have a huge place to plop his eyesore model train layout, was the stupidest example of putting his toys ahead of his family but it was not the first. We are, after all, about to see him moan that it's unfair that Elly be worried about boring things like appliances when he can play with a stereo. It's all about his stupid ego, after all.
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