dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Ted McCauley, the composite jerk

As we all, Connie more or less represents the Lynn-that-was-in-between-husbands. She has the same need for male companionship and the same 'obstacle' to getting it: a child. It seems to me that she took all the losers she'd met in the dating scene and made them into an average doofus: Doctor Ted. Phil could stand in for the people she secretly knew she didn't have anything in common with but tried her best with anyway but she needed someone to represent all the dorks who strung her along. She also had to have a stand-in for the men Rod knew that she hated. The ones, to be specific, that warned him not to date someone with a kid. He could even be a representative for all the creeps who didn't take her seriously because she was a woman. It's too bad that her animosity was directed towards Rod most of the time; otherwise, we would have seen more of Ted and gotten a better handle on how she views men-in-general.
Tags: ted: playah dood

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