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AnneAchronism: the stupider cupid......

As we know, Lynn has decided to improve the trainwreck that was Connie's pursuit of Phil by deciding that Elly and Annie conspired to bring the two of them together. Elly's motives for doing something this selfish and destructive are obvious. She's tired of Phil having a better life than she does and wants to make sure that he too burns his time away doing a job he hates to come home to a family he can't really stand. She knows that it's not a good thing she's doing but she needs to make sure that Phil grows up because their parents aren't in his face about that. Annie's motive for "helping" is even more malicious; she hates the way Connie lives her life and wants to 'save' her from living 'improperly'. She can't stand that Connie is a single mother or that Lawrence was born out of wedlock and feels the need to do something about that. Does it occur to her that Connie's active questioning of the institutions that Annie herself blindly accepts is all talk? No, it doesn't. You see, Annie, who has all the brains of a gnat, cannot see past first impressions or through defense mechanisms; her inability to do that screws up her life by denying her the chance to get to know people who could be great friends. It's clear to me that she's one of those people who simply cannot leave well enough alone and must interfere with things that aren't her lousy business. It seems to me that sooner or later that Connie would somehow find out that these two nitwits set her up to fail and be humiliated because of their own selfish desire to meddle; this would make a tough choice, the choice to take that job offer in Thunder Bay and leave Milborough behind, a lot easier. Granted, her self-destructive tendencies made her forgive Elly and move back to Milboring later but she did get away from them for a while. I have no idea whether she forgave Anne because the two women are not friends and never will be; since their only connection to each other is they're friends of Elly, they're what Seinfeld calls friends-in-law.
Tags: anne achronism, connie: the real lynn

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