dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Annie versus Connie: hating an illusion.....

Lynn has made it quite clear that Annie hates the way Connie lives her life. First off, she's angered and a but threatened by Connie's seeming rejection of the institution of marriage and active questioning of the values that both women, as people from small-town Quebec, grew up with. Annie, you see, is trying to be a better housewife than her mother was and the presence of someone who keeps telling her that her husband might be making a patsy of her alarms, horrifies and infuriates her. Her discovery that the son Connie pretends to dote on was born out of wedlock is yet another strike against her in Annie's eyes. This is owing to her two basic character flaws. First off, she makes snap judgments about people that she has a hard time dislodging; she probably still thinks of Connie as a treat to her way of life. This leads directly into her second and larger defect: her refusal to see the obvious. Anyone who knew Connie-the-real-person would tell you that she's an irritant who likes to say things that bother and infuriate people because she needs attention and likes to see people squirm. She's a world-class poser who trumpets beliefs in ideals she secretly rejects, hungers for male companionship and tends to run roughshod over people who stand between her and what she wants. If Annie knew the real Connie, she could hate her fellow despicable idiot with a clearer conscience. Instead, the judgmental dolt with the willful-blindness problem hates someone who doesn't exist outside her own smug imagination.
Tags: anne achronism, connie: the real lynn

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