dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

John versus Elly's matchmaking

One of the most interest things about Elly's hateful interference in Connie and Phil's lives is John's reaction to it: he thinks it's a stupid idea. This is because he knows that Connie wants to have a man about the house and Phil isn't ready for that yet. It confuses and angers him that Elly would do this since she's fretting about her kid brother taking advantage of her vulnerable and desperate friend; if she doesn't want her to get hurt, it seems odd to set things up so that she hurts herself and neglects her son to chase an illusion. Granted, he himself is indirectly responsible for bringing his own immature louse suitor, the indescribable Ted, to Connie's attention but he didn't plan on Connie seeing him as husband material. He even goes so far as to be angered when the inevitable happens and Ted dumps her at his evil mother's request. You see, as long as his own vanity doesn't enter into something, he can be quite perceptive. He, unlike Elly, knows that both men will want monogamy on their own terms and are not to be dictated to by a Patterson. His clear-headedness fails him, however, when it comes to his daughter Elizabeth. He can't see past his own needs and hopes and thus saw nothing wrong with the carnage and selfishness involved in jamming two incompatible people together.
Tags: connie: the real lynn, jelly vs jstf, phil: bee and bop king, ted: playah dood

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