dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Connie: the first victim of creeping retconism.......

As we all know, the original version of Connie's backstory was that she had suffered a nasty divorce from her husband Pete Landry; his departure was so painful, she couldn't even stand to have their son Lawrence to bear his family name. This made her pursuit of Phil and Ted a bit easier to tolerate; she, despite what she told Elly and Annie, felt ashamed that her marriage had collapsed so utterly. She wanted a second chance at the life they took for granted only to have it slip through her fingers again and again. She may have inadvertently done silly things along the way but she was at least someone you could cheer on. Unfortunately, Lynn tried to make Connie more interesting than she needed to be and added the unnecessary character of Pablo Da Silva to her past; instead of being Pete's son, Lawrence was now the born-out-of-wedlock son of a man Connie fantasized about instead of the in-wedlock son of a Steve Nichols. Her need to move back to Canada and take Pablo with her seems odd because it would have been the most obvious thing to an outside observer that Connie would marry the father of her child and live out her days as the wife of a member of Brazil's more privileged families. The man threw her bleating refusal to do so back in her face by reminding her that it would take him years to get certified as a doctor while she could work in a hospital in Rio or Sao Paulo with ease. Rather than deal with her fear of the unfamiliar, he deliberately cut his son with her out of his life. This makes him into a bastard and Connie into a nitwit. Watching Connie wonder why she can't get a man in that context makes her harder to cheer for than when she was just the victim of a failed starter marriage.
Tags: connie: the real lynn, lynn: failed creator

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