dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly's blinkered vision of the Sobinski story......

As you know, Lynn promised that the new-runs would flesh out the story. Sadly, that promise has not been kept; instead of the explanations we need, we get more examples of a frowning Elly blankly staring into space when confronted with things she doesn't understand. The current storyline is an excellent example: she doesn't know what's going on between Phil and Connie and never will. All she does know is that whatever's going on, she doesn't like it. In a few years or so, we're about to see another example of this peevish inability to see why people do what they do when she reacts to the way Mira lives her life. Elly isn't ever going to be able to figure out why Mira really pushed Wilf into taking a better job in Burlington or why she felt so deprived all her life; that's because she can't put herself into someone else's shoes. What'll happen is that we'll see a bunch of new-runs that show Elly getting confused and angered by being told that Milboring isn't the center of the Universe and that people can expect more out of life than what she has.
Tags: evil mira, the reload

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