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This strip conserves humor......

I really hate to repeat myself here but I keep seeing more examples of why the new-runs are such a lousy idea. What we've seen so far doesn't add anything much to the story or our understanding of the characters. As a matter of fact, the new-runs actually subtract things from them. We've learned that:

- Mike was actually denser and brattier that he was orginally depicted as being.

- John was unaware of his surroundings and witlessly undermined Elly.

- Any instance of Elly actually enjoying life or being grateful for the people around her 'never' really happned.

- Lizzie was clingier and weirder than she was.


- Connie was more ridiculously needy.

We may even learn that Deanna was an even prissier idiot than she was. Since the 'point' of the new-runs seems to have been to prove that the Pattersons and their friends are worse people than they really were, it seems to me that Lynn has actively destroyed what made the strip readable to being with: its assumption that there was a better to go along with the worse. By doing so, she's squandered the legacy she worked so hard to create.
Tags: lynn: failed creator, the reload

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