dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Developmental failure.....

For some unknown reason, Lynn has decided that the Sobinskis moved to Burlington when Deanna was aged five instead of being in Grade Five. This need to "expand" on the story line now so she scan prepare for the Era of Straight Reprints has two things wrong with it. First, it blows an even bigger hole in continuity than her inability to remember how many kids Annie had when the strip started. Deanna wasn't a featured player back then but she did make the occasional appearance until Mike was about ten or so. Explaining away her presence when she's supposed to be the victim of her mother's evil ambitions is gonna take Lynn a bit of work. She might, for instance, state that Dee has to stay with relatives in Milboring because she's enrolled in a French immersion class. Or, as I fear, she'll simply drop the few strips that feature her. Either way, this has the nasty side-effect of making their reunion after the accident completely unrealistic. I can see Mike being upset that he treated someone he sort of remembered like she was nothing more than fodder for a story; to stress about someone he couldn't possibly have remembered is nuts. Almost as nuts as he and Deanna acting as if they're ten-year-olds with crushes on each other saying good-bye as they are here.
Tags: deanna, mikerobe: the universal infant, the reload

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