dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The New-and-improved Coffee talk....

As you know, the Coffee Talk blog has reverted to something similar to its daily format. Once again, we get to see her fan base glow with praise over the purported return to the Pattersons' past. There are two key differences, though. First, we have a letter from RevElly every Monday. This is so Lynn can tell us how her avatar saw the previous week. The second change, due to be implemented on 19 January 2009, is that after Lynn has RwvElly tell us how to feel, we'll be given a list of discussion topics for the week. This has the desired-by-Lynn effect of limiting what can be talked about. She probably doesn't want to have her flaws pointed out directly and she's probably sick of too fawning praise but does still want to know how she's doing; this way, she gets to gauge her readers' reaction to her work without actually being told.
Tags: coffee talkers

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