dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The writing course in Retconland.....

As we all know, the Elly of the original timeline to everyone in earshot that she planned to get her B.A. and thus fulfill her parents' hopes for her. This, of course, would happen at some distant point in the future when she had time to herself. This, of course, is why she took a course here and course there so as to get her degree pretty much posthumously. Her inability to budget her time properly wasn't the only obstacle; time and again, she was shown to be the same sort of petulantly indifferent student her children were. The idea of sticking to a syllabus and dealine, you see, struck her as being an unfair male device that stifled her creativity and ability to express herself. That didn't, of course, mean that she didn't whine and pout about her kids' lackluster grades when they used the same excuses she did. I mention this because we're about to be subjected to her first attempt to free herself from drowning in a sea of baby talk and dull conversation about homework and skinned knees. I'm talking about the writing course she took at the local University. Not only did we have John being an unsupportive douchehozzle who derided her attempt to better herself because of his fears that an Elly with a degree would leave him and a son who came to expect that Mommy was his maidservant, she had to deal with a pompous ass instructor who accused her of being what she looked like: a bored housewife looking for cheap entertainment. It never occurred to her that his fear that she'd be a disruptive nuisance on the students who were actually serious about the course were well founded; he didn't bow down and worship her need to suck so he was a bad person. Look for him to be an even bigger trant in the new-runs.
Tags: educating elly, the reload

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