dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly: the brainless martyr.....

As I hinted at yesterday, it's not just being a lazy woman who thinks the world owes her a living because she suffered and survived any number of fictional horrors that kept Elly from doing well in the courses she took. I'd say that we can all agree that Elly has all the brains of a cinderblock. There are quite simply too many examples of her life being made worse because she was stubbornly slow-witted to list here but my premise was the unintended theme of the reprints that we saw during the last two years of the old strip. We saw Mike for what he was: a little boy of average intelligence who did amazingly average things that anyone who wasn't mentally impaired could foresee happening. Since Elly is a nitwit, she marvelled at the creativity of her son; it was sad how astounded she was by his oh-so-normal antics. Not quite as sad as her not being able to out-think him, though. Most of the problems she had during their growing years was that she was too dim to get them to do what she wanted and too stubborn to learn how to do it. It's this same refusal to nenlihten herself that messes up er acadenic career. She owuldn't learn how to work a computer because she was too empty-headed and stubborn.
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