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Curiosity killed the Foob: April, girl from Mars.

Now, we examine the last core member of our merry band of Foobs, April. Although it might seem to an outside observer the she's the most sensible and even-tempered of this dismal dung heap of dysfunctional dunderheads, Lynn spares no effort to reveal the truth (or at least HER truthiness): April is MEANT to depict a dangerous and wrong-thinking young girl motivated by a confusing and alarming psychosis: curiosity. The first victim of this dread urge to learn by exploring instead of being a good little Foob and unreflectively swallowing whole the infantile, imbecilic and obsolete manure-pile of prejudices St. Eleanor the Bland calls the wisdom of the ages is the beloved family dog, Farley. The freaky little demon-spawn actually went down to the gentle little brook (English: raging torrent marked "Avoid at all costs") through an unlatched the gate and fell in. It is not at all the fault of the good little foob Lizardbreath (self-absorbed brats) or vigilant (clueless) parents, after all. She has also been corrupted by another sick, wrong, warped and lunatic concept: The unFooby unconcern with material goods. I mean, everyone knows that one's emotional life and personal identity are meant to revolve around the things one owns and consumes. We have Father with his model train fetish, Mother with her house and belongings, Brother with his super-naked doll from college and his Powerbook, Sister with her crud. April ,however, has clearly gone mental: when she no longer needs an object, she gives it to someone who can use it. In Lynn's mind this means the child is giving away her identity. Her healthy curiosity about the world around her and lack of materialism clearly depict her as the child from Mars. Too bad for Lynn she can't figure out Martians are used to comment on the follies and vices of the writer's contemporaries instead of depicting someone to be feared and abhorred. Then again, what good is curiosity if you already have all the answers anyway?
Tags: st elly versus the martian menace

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