dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The elasticity of Foob time......

As aprilp_katje has reminded us, the first 'year' of the new-runs is supposedly the first year of the real strips with a few anachronisms (the advent of Farley, the pursuit of Phil and departure of Deanna) added to it to supposedly improve things. As has been said, the effect is to ruin the previously published collections for everyone. If, by some chance, the unfortunates who think they're getting an accurate picture of the Pattersons' past by means of reading the new-runs see that they're not, some of them might start to question if Lynn actually respects their opinions. Granted, that would be a small nimber compared to those who simply think that this is a director's cut but Lynn can't really afford to alienate her fans. The other nasty effect it has is that it forces Lynn to do more work than she needs to trying to patch up the holes she punched in her continuity. If she'd simply let the original strip run in sequence starting last September, she could get her kudos from her fans and concentrate on creating vanity children's books like all the other celebrities.
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