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Deanna reconsidered......

The story arc that was featured in the dying days of January 2009 reminds us of Lynn's hostility towards modern medicine. She distrusts and fears the health practitioners in her life because they don't seem to give her what she needs when she needs it. She spent years in pain, for instance, because of a conflict between two of her meds. This dislike of the field manifests itself in various means. The first sign that we had that she doesn't trust doctors is the way she writes Ted. Instead of a kindly dispenser of wisdom like Marcus Welby, we have a defective clone of Hawkeye Pierce from the first few seasons on MASH: a womanizing, patronizing buffoon without the essential decency that made the man's skirt-chasing and leering almost bearable. We also have John as an incompetent and, to top things of, any female that wore a lab coat was a brainless bimbo that was hired as window dressing. This, as howtheduck said, extends to Deanna. The reason this occurred to him is quite simple. One the one hand, we had Jim complaining about being over-medicated while on the other we had her not taking him seriously. It also seemed to him that in the Strip of Destiny all the characters were able to do better for themselves than they do now. She was thus able to transcend being the sort of idiot John hires to become competent at last by opening a money-hemorrhaging, anachronistic sewing school.
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