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Preschooler Mike Patterson......

The most annoying part of the reloads is, of course, Lynn's refusal to do basic fact checking. This not only means that we have blatant anachronisms such as references to Shania Twain or inconsistencies in the age and number of Annie's kids; we also have a baffling chunk of incomprehensibility being touted as an undeniable fact. I'm referring, of course, to her insistence that Mike, who'll be turning six soon is still in preschool when he should be in kindergarten. If pressed, of course, Lynn would either make a point of refusing to see that it makes him look stupid because he got held back a year that early in life or she'd say that that's they called kindergarten back then. What she wouldn't do is realize that her belief that if she writes it, it'll make sense had failed her yet again.
Tags: lynn: failed creator, mikerobe: the universal infant, the reload

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